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Best Wholesale Sources at up to 90% off Retail

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tons of products Wholesale!

are you looking for an excellent wholesale resource? How about a new
plasma television. I'll give you a website which has
everything you can possibly imagine. You would become rich selling these
products on ebay! There's everything from handbags to sports stuff to
electronics to plasma televisions. Sell these products and become rich or
keep them for yourself! no questions asked. Thanks and enjoy.

How about posting pics and prices on about 6 of these so called
Wholesale items before asking people to send you money for just WORD'S
Yep CAPT.John Know how to deal with So called List makes with No Sample
links or pic
Keep it up Capt.John

Why wuld I list Distributor sites like you and call them Wholesale
Sources like you? The 4 links that you finally posted are exactly that.
"Distributor Sites" that
claim to be Wholesale sites. Then you come to this Wholesale group qand
offer these and other sites as Wholessale sources. Truth be known. you
probably surfed the web and collected all the "Sources" you claim are
wholesale sources. then make a list of them. and then have booklets
printed up and sell them or try to. here and who knows where else. Hell
I've had 3 of the 4 sites you posted for over 2 1/2 years. so right off
they're not new but rather quite old.
So. you just keep it up. And did anyone ever tell you that it wasen't
right or poolite to post back in a threatening tone because you didn't
like he criticism you recieved? I'M SOooo SCARED OF YOU. NOT!
Hi Marshal
I'm not the moiderator of this group. I don't believe there is currently
one nor has there been one for the last year I've been coming here that
I'm aware of.
I don't have a web site as of this time
due to my Charter Fishing business
which runs from April through the end of November each season. Y do
however sell on eBay. etc. when time allows during
fishing season and all through the Fall / Winter season. I try in
earnest to help where and when I can in here. I post on things that
others try selling here when its the same Wholesale Sources Lists.
Numerous people posting thier Wholesale Sites to get business but are
really closer to Retail prices. etc.
Alot of these preople get P O 'eed at me. but I don't care as long as I
can make others in here who are juast trying to mqake some money.
Good to see that I'm not the only one doing a thousand things at one time to
put food on the table - I service PC's. printers/plotters. otherbiz machines and cable networks. telephone and
television - but hell I love not having a 9 to 5 shedule to deal with even
when all the businesses are slow at the same time.
What area are you doingt he charter fishing? When I was stationed (USAF) up
in Plattsburgh NY in the early 80's I had a part time biz running fishing
charters on both the Saranca River and Lake Champlain. Loved every minute of
it. even when the passengers felt the need to disrobe to their birthday
suits and they were worth the view (everyone knows waht I mean here).

Hi Russ
I just got home from a 4 to midnight charter. I charter on the Atlantic
Ocean out of Cape May. N.J. from April to the
middle of May for Mackeral. Then the rest of the season I fish the
Delaware Bay out of Port Norris located on the Maurice River. Fishing
early Spring was nothing short of fantastic. So far this summer. Weakies
[Sea Trout] have been a huge disappointment thus far. Flounder are up
and down. Snapping Blue are all over the Bay. Some Drum still over on
the Delaware side. But the Fall run on Weakies [Big Weaks] and the
Stripped Bass should more than make up for the poor summer showing. I
as this person is so rich and
now wants to make you rich. perhaps someone could teach them to WRITE LIKE A


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