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Friday, June 23, 2006

Burberry Handbag Blog site at

Here is something about Burberry Handbag History
The red. known as the 'Nova.' has come
to be synonymous with Burberry. It was first used as a lining for the
company's trenchcoat in 1924. although it was not widely used as an
outer layer until the late 1960s. By then the Burberry Check was used
on items including umbrellas. scarves and luggage. and was registered
as a trademark.
After the entry of a new management team in 1997. the brand was
revitalised. Once mainly the preserve of upper-middle class older
women. the patronage of celebrities in the U.K. and U.S.. including
David and Victoria Beckham and hip-hop artists. gave it wider appeal.
During the 1980s the brand became popular with the British football
casual cult. leading to it to being associated with "chavs". hooligans
and members of football firms in the 2000s. The Burberry check baseball
cap. a favourite of chavs. was discontinued by the company in 2004 to
distance itself from the maligned group. The company blamed weak
Christmas 2005 sales in the UK on this image.
There are many blog about Burberry handbag but the best Burberry
handbag I found is :
Burberry's Patchwork Handbag
While searching for a bag to highlight in relationship to the Fourth of
July holiday. I remembered an important point--whether it be the
anniversary of our independence or not. I would rather take a
bottle-rocket to the eyeball than to wear Americana-themed apparel. I'm
just not into the whole patriotic-till-you-puke looks and it's likely I
never will be. Having said that. there are those rare occasions when
red and blue mesh together perfectly and steal your heart away. This is
the case with Burberry's new Patchwork Handbag. As part of the
Fall/Winter collection. the bag features deep red and navy blue leather
panels and gathered front pockets for a very sexy and sophisticated
look. Although not due out until September and therefore clearly not
designed with this weekends holiday in mind. to me this bag has
Independence Day written all over it.
Luxury goods retailer Burberry said sales for the second half of the
fiscal year have risen 13 percent to '390 million. Surpassing
expectations. the increase resulted from new and existing stores and
offset a 7 percent drop in wholesale turnover. Underlying group
revenues rose 3 percent.
The company said that it had reached the "tipping point" in its
shift from mainly being a fashion wholesaler to being a global luxury
goods house. Chief executive Rose Marie Bravo said that the spring
collection had been well received and that a television ad featuring
Oscar winner Rachel Weisz had caused sales to soar 16 percent in the
last four months.
"Consumers' favourable response to spring merchandise. particularly
women's wear. and an exciting advertising campaign contributed to
strong retail performance. Bravo said the company is already combating this problem by
completing the "strategically important shift to a (retail)
concession format for a significant portion of our business in
Bravo will soon be succeeded by Angela Ahrendts. who together with CFO
Stacey Cartwright will oversee the reorganisation of Burberry's supply
chain. back-office operations and licensing business.
Her former tenure with Liz Claiborne should stand Ahrendts in good
stead to deal with the operational side of the business. Her experience
with various aspects of retailing. like supply chain management. is
expected to help focus the growth of the company.
Ahrendts was lured away from the US retailer by Burberry with a
financial package of up to '15.6 million over three years.
Shareholders are waiting for a smooth transition when Bravo steps down.


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