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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Barbei Dolls TOYS Limited edition Wholesale Qty.

Available for immediate shipment a quantity of 382 of 1996 Limited
Edition. Barbie dolls. These Barbies are hard to find. as these
are no longer available in large chain stores and other Barbie
1) City Shopper Barbie. Quantity: 167
This is a 1996 LIMITED EDITION. No longer available from Mattel.
Barbie doll shows her fashion sense in a fabulous Nicole Miller
ensemble designed exclusively for Macy's. Barbie is wonderfully chic
in an off-white jacquard coat with matching slim. sleeveless dress in
the same fabric. Her striking coat is lined with a muted pastel Nicole
Miller silk print of signature Barbie icons. Accessories include a
white handbag. faux pearl bracelet. a
Macy's shopping bag. With her auburn hair color and green eyes. this
Limited Edition doll makes it apparent why both Barbie doll and Nicole
Miller are such big stars. Retails on the Internet for $90 and in
retail shops for more (if you can find it).

2) Jewel Princess Barbie. Quantity: 215
1996 Jewel Princess Barbie Winter Princess series
Celebrate the Christmas holiday in royal fashion. Jewel Princess
Barbie wears a short red "velvet" coat trimmed in cozy white faux fur.
matching red "velvet" beret. classic plaid taffeta skirt (Christmas
colors) and faux fur white muff. Retails on the Internet for $70 and
in retail shops for more (if you can find it).
Order Quantity: All quantity is to be sold as one lot.
Condition: All are new and never been out of their original factory
(as you know the box condition is very important for the serious
Barbie collector).
Packaging: In original Mattel factory cartoons. The City shopper
Barbie is doubled boxed. While the Jewel Princess is it retail box. Shipping: Email me your address and I will inform you of the shipping
Location: Los Angeles. USA.
Export Only

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Boss Computers & Engineering Tech.
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